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Subject: The Family Business chapter 2Once again this story is pure fiction as well as all of the characters in
it. It is intended for mature readers.The Family Business
Chapter 2
The Home Cuming
At the hospital I was fitted with a walking cast. I had to nude lolita preteen underage stay an extra
day because it was the weekend and it worked out for the better because my
cast needed more time to dry because of the rubber soul that was installed
for a heal. This allowed me to walk without crutches.Thank goodness we live in Florida where the weather was pretty warm all
year, because it was winter and I could just imagine how putting on a pair
of jeans over the cast would have been a pain in the ass. All I had to
contend with were shorts and I could wear those to school well enough.As soon as I got home from the hospital I noticed the changes that had
already begun to take place in my so-called average blue-collar family.Just as soon as I hobbled in through the front door I looked in the living
room and found Allen slouched down in the couch. That would be almost
normal except that he had his legs hoisted high over my dad's shoulders and
my dad was kneeling on the floor fucking his brains out and Allen was
begging for him to fuck him harder and faster.Alexis and Allyson were in a sixty-nine on the floor just at the dining
room entrance.Mom had come up behind me and was lifting my T-shirt up so I relented and
lifted my arms so she could remove it.When she tossed my shirt to the floor she leaned over me from behind and
while licking and kissing my neck and ears she unsnapped my shorts and let
them drop.She reached down over my briefs and copped a feel of my groin and then
slipped her hands inside with both palms facing me as she pushed them down
as well. She stopping at my dick just long enough to fondle me before my
briefs joined my shorts.She had to get on her knees to maneuver them over my cast, but while she
was down there she licked my anus for a while.
While my mom was down there and I was watching the show going on in the
living room I noticed one other little oddity that was never there before
and that was three video cameras mounted on tripods. One was in the front
left corner of the living room, one was in the dining room and one was in
the hallway just behind mom and me.I caught a glimpse of the living room camera move briefly and I thought
that was strange. On closer inspection I could see that all of the cameras
were on a motorized swivel. "What's with all the cameras mom?" I asked."Oh just ignore them completely son. Think of it as a reality TV show." She
said and took another lick on my already soaked ass. "We're just earning
some extra money.""Oh?""Yes and very seriously never look directly at the camera because we don't
want anything to look staged."The wires from the cameras went up the walls they were near and bundled
together when they met in the hallway at the ceiling. There were even more
wires coming down the stairs and they too gathered with the other three
wires and went down the hall to the family room at the right.She must have seen me looking at the mass of wires when she got back up to
lick my neck because she said. "A man is coming to send those wires through
the walls so we won't even see them anymore.""Mom, what's going on?""Nothing sweaty." She assured me. "It'll be all right. Don't worry about
it. We had this planned a long time ago, but the puberty party just paced
things up is all.""Well," I shrugged. "A Norman Rockwell family we're not.""How do you know that?" She scoffed. free priteen lolitas porn "All those paintings may have just
been payment for services rendered.""Huh?""Never mind." She giggled and spun me around and immediately started
sucking my dick.I hadn't popped a nut since I broke my leg, so it wasn't long before I was
jetting in her mouth with her own son's boy juices. "Ahhhh!" My knees
buckled a bit, but she held me up with her hands on my hips.She came up to kiss me and when we met lips she opened her mouth and forced
her tongue in mine. I accepted with tight lips, but she kissed in such a
way that I seemed to open up willingly.What I didn't know was that she was holding my own cum in her mouth so she
could send it to my mouth. I felt what I thought was her saliva only it
tasted a little salty.She put her hand over my mouth and backed away. "You better get used to the
taste." She said. "No spitting in front of the camera when you get a mouth
full of sperm. People pay to see swallowing not spitting."I swished it around in my mouth and raised an eyebrow because it actually
tasted pretty good. "Hmm... Not bad.""I'll tell you a little secret." She whispered to me. "Sperm is one hundred
percent pure protein. If the guy you suck off has just had a glass of milk
it tastes really good.""Really?""Yeah and if they had garlic like in pizza or spaghetti it's a stronger
taste and a little thicker. Some like it and some don't." She shrugged.I reached down to scratch an itch, but found my cast preventing it."You ok?" Mom asked with concern. "Feeling pain?""A little, but it itches more." I complained."Got just the thing for you." She smiled as if she had a surprise for
me. "You go over there and suck your brother's dick and I'll go and get
it.""Ok." I grinned hungrily. I had never sucked a dick before that day and was
eager to try it. Especially my own brother because we were identical in
most every way. I figured sucking his dick would feel exactly like sucking
my own.I walked... Hobbled over to him and sat next to him on the couch. Dad was
slowly burrowing in him like a sidewinder in the sand. I watched for a
while just gazing at dad's huge thick cock as it seemed to easily glide in
and around and out and around. It was actually beautiful in it's own way. I
also remembered how he fucked me and now I know what it must have looked
like."Allen's ass cheeks looked as if they were pushed apart as far as they could
possibly go. They puffed on either side like waves around a submarine, but
he was moaning like he was in pure ecstasy.I leaned my head between his upturned legs and stomach. He was bent in an
odd contortion like an accordion being played and his abs rippled under the
strain.I could tell dad was in no hurry what so ever to cum and in fact he was
making faces to confirm my suspicions. His eyes were full of pure love and
lust as he looked down at us, but I doubt he was paying me much
attention. More to the point I think he saw right past me and was lovingly
gazing in Allen's beautiful blue eyes as Allen gazed back with the same
expression.I glanced back at dad's man tool as he made love to my brother's ass and
fumbled with my open mouth to accept Allen's dick without taking my eyes
off what was going on just inches away.As soon naked preteen lolitas models as my mouth encircled his boy meat and I added some suction he let
out an encouraging sigh. "Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!"I guessed he nymph teen loli anime needed that. I began to bob my head and tried to stay in some
kind of rhythm with my dad. When he pulled out I pushed my head down and
when he went back in I pulled away. I didn't know though if it felt as good
as it looked.Soon dad started speeding up and as he withdrew he started to pull all the
way out. I mean completely out by an inch or two and then he would ram back
in with full force.I was getting a slight whiff of my brothers trapped air as dad pulled
out. He would make a gushy sound and I could actually hear that with each
thrust in dad would push more air inside him like a bellows.When he withdrew the trapped air could escape from his hole that seemed to
now stay fully open. In fact I wondered if it would stay that way
permanently. (That could be inconvenient at times.)Finally Allen hummed slightly and I felt some warm moisture entering my
mouth and it tasted like my own cum that mom pushed in my mouth. Seconds
later dad grabbed my head and forced his pulsating dick in my mouth. I had
to really stretch my jaw to accept him too. Once he was fully seeded in my
outstretched mouth he started to gush. I didn't even have a chance to taste
anything from my brother's lingering ass scent. He just started flooding my
mouth with gush after gush of dad cum.Now I knew why mom warned me about the garlic. It was very obvious that dad
had, had some recently. His sperm was very pungent and thick, but not
bad. Not bad at all and I was proudly able to swallow every last drop and
still clean him off with suction as he pulled away.During all of this I was hearing tiny electric motors zip and whir behind
me. I already knew what electric focus sounded like so I was just hoping
whom ever was watching got a good show."Don't let that hard dick go to waste." Dad said with a smile and motioned
with his head for me to go over to my sisters.I winked knowingly and got up from the couch and headed for the girls who
were now laying side by side with mom between them with one of her hands
buried last knuckle deep in each of their bald pussies. The girls knees
were propped up like they were giving birth and their faces looked like it
too."I'll take one mom." I said and tapped her on the back of the shoulder."Oh good hon." She smiled. "My wrists was starting to get stiff... Is your
leg still itching?""Sort of."She reached to the floor by her side and handed me a straightened wire coat
hanger. "I had this end ground to a smooth nub." She said.I instantly knew looking for lolita sites what to do with it and shoved it down my cast. Suddenly
the scratching I was doing to my leg had become better than sex. With every
scratch the itch traveled to asian lolita school girls another place and I was chasing it all
around. Once I had started, it was almost impossible to stop."Ok hon." Mom said. "That's enough take care of Allyson.""That's Allyson?" I asked puzzled because on their backs they both looked
exactly the same. "I had Allyson last time.""Oh you did, didn't you?""Yeah.""Well then do Alexis." She chuckled and switched places with me.Once I was settled in between Alexis's legs and was on my own, mom placed
her hand on my hard preteen lolita nude preteen com skinny rod and said. "Not so fast cowboy. You
need to get her warmed up to you first. You can't just load a torpedo
without a firering solution.""What do you mean?""Get your face in there and lube her up a bit with your spit. Lick it.""Lick it?""You know what I mean." She said in a huff. "You've seen dad do it a
million times.""Yeah I know, but...." Thinking about licking in there wasn't my favorite
ideas."Oh just get in there." She said and shoved my face down so my nose went
right in her hole. She almost smothered me, but pulled asian lolita school girls he hand back once I
was nestled in.(Well, since preteen lolita bikini model
I'm already down here.) I relented. I cautiously darted my
tongue out really quick just to taste test it.I really didn't taste anything at all. It was just slippery skin as if
someone had already taken the worst of it for me.I took a quick look at mom before she dove in on Allyson I could tell by
the moister on her chin that it must have been her who cleaned Alexis out.I eased down to lay flat on my belly and dove my chin to nestle in on
Alexis's bald cunt and started lapping in earnest. In fact I even separated
her cunt lips with my fingers so I could get in there deeper. My nostrils
were sifting air between her mound and my nose where there wasn't very much
room to begin with."That should be enough." Mom said as she came up for some air. "Plant that
little dick in there."I got back up on my knees and like last time I rested my rigid dick on her
mound just for familiarity, but mom instantly tisked. "Oh for god's sake!"Then she grabbed my dick from between us and roughly guided me to Alexis's
hole and when I was there she let go and instantly shoved on my ass to make
me penetrate.Once I was fully embedded in her my hips gained a mind of their own and I
was pumping.At first I went slowly because that felt right, but like a car out of
control I was ramming with all I was worth. It was feeling really good and
very romantic so I couldn't resist leaning in for a kiss. When I did I fell
out, but Alexis quickly guided me back in with her hand as she kissed
me. All the while my ass didn't miss a beat and I was pumping like a dog on
a boy's leg."Oomph, oomph, oomph." We both grunted though our noses as we kissed and
fucked. Her tongue was wrestling with mine and all was right with the
world. Our teeth clicked a few times, but soon we had a great rhythm going
and all too soon I nud lolita top sites was stiff as a board and my dick was pulsating my cum
deep inside her. Well, as deep as eleven-year-olds cum would go at least.Exhausted I finally collapsed on her and lay there a while as I let my dick
deflate on it's on. When it did, it seemed to be pushed out and the head of
my dick flopped to the floor.Before I know it mom was yelling. "Lunch!"I grudgingly stood up and was about to head to my bedroom to grab the
kimono I got as a present for puberty day."Where you going?" Dad asked."To put something on so I can eat.""No more of that." Dad retorted. "From now on cloths come off at the door
and we stay naked inside this house even to eat.""Oh great puberty day present then dad." I miffed. "We can't even wear
them."They were beautiful and I loved mine. It was black hand painted silk with
huge red and yellow flowers all over it and a scene of a Japanese temple on
the back."Oh don't worry son." He laughed you'll wear them and other costumes we
bought you guys as well.""Costumes?"Allen looked at me as he sat at the table and said. "We're going to be
doing shows at clubs.""What?""Dancing..." Alexis said with my cum dribbling down her leg as she sat
down."Dancing?" I interrogated whoever would answer."You kids are in show business now." Dad smiled. "As preteen lolita sex xxx
soon as your leg gets
out of that cast and regains some muscle you'll be on stage with your
brother and sisters dancing.""I don't know how to naked preteen lolitas models dance.""You will." Answered dad firmly. "We got you kids an instructor.""Well," I giggled. "At least I can't dance with this cast on my leg."Mom leaned over the table and rested her privete nude lolita pics
hand on mine and said. "That's why
we got you a walking cast. You can still practice."

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